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Bursting with flavour

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The XPBOOST 2.0 brought the addition of Fruit blast. A mixture of everyone's favourite fruit. Packed with vitamins and flavour, the new flavour is our best seller and found out why!

Gaming for long periods of time? Travelling to events? Need a pickup?

The XPBOOST formula improves energy levels, sharpens focus, increases wakefulness and hydration. Beat the enemy and take first place!

What features does the Fruit Blast have?

  • Newly improved tubs
  • 50 servings (52p a serving) 
  • Easy to carry
  • Only 135 mg of Caffeine 
  • 0.2g of sugar.
  • Packed with vitamins 
  • 12 calories per a serving
  • Transparent label (See whats inside page)

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