Q: What is XPBOOST?

A: We’re a brand new start out from London. We have created a new energy & focus drink formula, aimed at gamers. As being gamers ourselves, the canned drink was the only hope, high in caffeine and a horrible crash. This is how the idea of XPBOOST came. XPBOOST has zero crash, 133mg of caffeine, No mix or blends, We TELL our customers what they’re drinking and our products are designed to help boost energy, wakefulness, and focus.

Q: How much caffeine does a tub of XPBOOST have? 

A: Per a serving of 10g is 133 milligrams of caffeine less than a cup of coffee and drinks which give you ‘wings’

Q: Who is the drink suitable for?

A: XPBOOST products are suitable for anyone. However, we don’t recommend it to children, pregnant women or people sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Q: Do you get a crash with XPBOOST?

A: Throughout our testing, the individuals tested haven’t had crashes.

Q: What do you mix with XPBOOST to drink it?

A: We recommend 300-500ml of water however if you would like a stronger taste, XPBOOST can work with less water. Our samples are mixed with 150ml of water.

Q: Do you offer sponsorships? 

A: Yes! We do. We offer a partnership with any gamer who has the potential to be fantastic. Please see ‘Get sponsored’ on the homepage.

Q: I own…… we would like to have your products on our website/store. 

A: Great! We also partner with other companies. We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders and/or partner for giveaways. Please email us at info@xpboost.store.