Tips to a successful gaming sponsorship application

Tips to a successful gaming sponsorship application
Authored By Damien Andrews


Today’s article is going over the concept of ‘partnerships and sponsorship’. These type of programs have been around for years to help both parties the content creator, organisations and players to grow as well as the business in mind.

At XPBOOST we have been offering partnerships to #teamXP (an exclusive program which rewards hard-working organisations and individuals within the gaming community). Our program has been around since 2017 and seen tens of thousands of applications with only a small fraction of that being accepted.

Today we’re going to discuss a good application and a bad one. Giving tips and tricks in landing a perfect gaming partnership which can be used everywhere in the gaming community.


TIP 1#

Be professional at all times! Think about the business you’re contacting is not a friend however, your dream job. So, when filling out a gaming sponsorship application or emailing the company, think about the words and the tone you’re using.

Don’t: use slang, swear words and think about grammar.


TIP 2#

The application is a way for you to ‘sell’ yourself and put what your achievements have been. Have you recently reached 100,000 subscribers? Or your organisation has won a league? All of this information is important. When reading applications, we don’t look for the “I will do this… if you sponsor me”. We’re looking for achievers who have shown hard working and determination to be where they are.


TIP 3#

Backing up tip 2, if you have achieved excellent results in subscribers, a popular video or came top 3 in a recent competition put the links of proof within your application. Anyone can say they have won anything and have grown by 100 times but use statistics, videos and pictures to prove this.


TIP 4#

DON’T ASK FOR FREE PRODUCTS! If I see this anywhere in an application, I automatically withdraw the application, or the application loses points. You or your organisation shouldn’t expect anything from any company.  Remember Tip 1- be professional, if you were applying for a job would you request free food and drink every day if you got the job?


TIP 5#

The final point towards a successful gaming application, don’t just apply to be part of a sponsorship, affiliate or partnership program but be part of that company’s community e.g. do you engage in content, do you watch the community live-streams or videos? Don’t just apply and expect a reward! Be part of the community.


At XPBOOST we look at all these points all the time. We see our #teamXP partnership program as a community which provides positivity, great content and support for individuals in and out of the gaming community.


If you’re looking to apply to become the next member of #teamXP then apply here:

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