XPBOOST Energy & focus formula attends 4TG Gamecon

XPBOOST Energy & focus formula attends 4TG Gamecon
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On Friday 4th October the XPBOOST team travelled over 500 miles within 9 hours from London to Aberdeen-Scotland (It was a very long drive). On Saturday 5th- 6th, we were invited to attend North East Scotland’s largest Gamescom, we attended 4TG gamecon with over 5000 people attending it was a busy weekend for XPBOOST. 4TG Gamecon is a gaming event that allows people to play retro games, playable VR, tournaments, meet and greet YouTubers and more.

We had our stand set-up with samples of three delicious flavours: Watermelon, Fruit blast and our most popular flavour Strawberry & lime for the community to 'try before they buy'. Plus, we had a load of loot for people to purchase. What more could a gamer want?

With thousands of attendees visiting our stand it was great to chat and talk about everything from how amazing our products are to how wonderful the weather is in Scotland (I forgot my coat, it was 11 degrees and it rained every day non-stop).

We had so many positive feedback from customers even event staff were trying XPBOOST. One customer said ‘The fruit blast reminds me of a childhood favourite sweet and I love it’, we saw this customer come back again and again. She must have loved it! and apparently our Strawberry and Lime flavour gives people flavours of strawberry jelly, (not one to be missed).

XPBOOST Brand new shaker XPBOOST gaming drink attends 4TG gameconXPBOOST Energy and focus drink for the gaming and online communityXPBOOST gaming drink samples at 4 the gamer (4TG) gamecon

However, like everything, all good things must come to an end, and after the show finished on Sunday, it was a sad time for us as it was time to pack up and go back to the hotel. The XPBOOST team enjoyed every moment at the event and we look forward to travelling hundreds of more miles for the next event.

Anyway, catch us at the next gaming event!


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