Season 2

Season 2
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The wait is over!

We announced last week, that we're bringing a season of flavours to the XPBOOST community. With many members teased about the season 2, we can now give you the low down on what is new and changed!



We have two NEW flavours! A childhood favourite 'bubblegum' and summer favourite fruit 'watermelon'.

The new flavours are part of the advanced formula, which means bigger sized tubs, more servings and added vitamins. 


We're happy to announce we offer a monthly subscription service. Prices of the service start at £25, each month includes XPBOOST tubs and gaming goodies.

The best part is your not tied into contracts and can stop the subscription at any time. It's an easy way to make sure you're always stocked up on XPBOOST and can continue to have the benefits of our product.

For more information about the subscription service please click here:


As we have two brand new flavours, we thought to bring new samples in. The samples are available on Bubblegum, Watermelon and Fruit Blast. The servings are perfect for travelling, with each packet containing one serving for you to try. 



Gift cards

We now offer gift cards! WOOOOO. Last minute birthdays, special gaming events, prizes for tournaments or even giving back to your squad! We have your back no matter what. 

The gift card process is easy: 1) Enter the amount in GBP, 2) Email address of the lucky person, 3) Pick a date of when you would like to send the card 4) Write a message 5) DONE. 

For more information and to treat your loved ones click here:



Finally, we have restocked XPBOOST's best seller... the Fruit Blast. The fruit blast has a mixture of summer fruits such as strawberry, banana and more.






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