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Good afternoon #teamXP,

I hope you are well and staying safe. I wanted to give our community an update of what is happening with XPBOOST Ltd. As you are aware this year has been unpredictable and crazy for us all. As a business, we had plans for 2020 to be our biggest year with more events than ever, our brand-new formula and shaker collections. Well, as you can guess, the pandemic has delayed all our plans.

We began XPBOOST 2.0 formula R&D (research and development) over 12 months ago. Since then the UK has been in continued locked down with restrictions on our manufacturing facilities which has caused a backlog of issues. The most recent one being that our flavour contractor has increased MOQ (minimum order qualities) well over our demand and therefore, we have spent the last month trying to find a better or equal flavour contractor.

Therefore, this has led to another delay in our launch. It is annoying for us and you as our customers but please continue to be patient as XPBOOST 2.0 will be bigger and better than ever before.

As always, I will continue to be open and honest about XPBOOST’s plans and setbacks. I hope you can understand our struggles so far this year.

Thank you for continuing to support our XPBOOST.



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